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Intentionally Random

This body of work was completed in Ballyvaughn, Ireland at the Burren College of Art, during a 3-week intensive residency style course through Wheaton College (MA) during the summer of 2018.

Artist Statement
Immediately upon arrival to the Burren I felt inspired by the uniqueness of the landscape and the abundance of stone walls and structures. I can only imagine the amount of history that every structure (and each individual stone) holds. Whether they are held together by the strength of balance, or starting to fall apart, they give off a strong feeling of permanence. Like they have been here forever and will stay here forever. The nature that surrounds them seems to be the one thing challenging the seemingly permanent structures. I found myself very drawn to the moments where leaves and vines had begun to reclaim their space.

Working with pen and cut paper felt right in relation to the idea of permanence. The indelible marks of the pen and cuts from the paper seem to connect to the sense of immortality within the stones. I wanted to capture both what I was visually observing in the landscape, along with the emotions I felt about what I was seeing and how I was internalizing and reimagining the space.

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