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Permanent Collection

Wheaton College (MA) Thesis Work - 2020

Artist Statement

Sometimes, moments in my life come with an overwhelming feeling that I will remember it for the rest of my life. This feeling overshadows how fragile and malleable human memory can be. My detailed ink drawings and cut paper elements center around this concept of memory, that is both personal and collective, creating a collective space to capture and hold on to every detail of those moments I wish could last forever.
My drawings are a process for me to preserve and find a sense of permanence to these fleeting moments. I begin with a list of places, objects, and experiences from my memory and then I quickly sketch these recollections to keep them as honest and true as possible. Attention to detail is a large part of my practice and stems from my love for the process. In a stream of consciousness, I enjoy drawing with ink because it has a permanent quality that forces me to be very intentional with every mark, to slow down and deeply connect the materials with memories that unexpectedly arise. Paper cutting is similar to my process drawing with ink. Through hand cutting I can express the fragility and delicacy of memory, and through drawing I can create a more permanent record in ink.

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